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Learn the training, mindset, and nutrition secrets that achieve extraordinary results for everyday people 

Motivation can be hard to come by during winter, but we want to accelerate you towards your goals

So here is some external motivation to push you in the right direction.

All you have to do is:

  1. Show up to 3 classes per week for the month of July (12 for the month) 
  2. Attend 1 Nutrition catch up per week (Can be done over the phone or zoom)
  3. Attend your initial and post-challenge consultation 

And we will credit your challenge entry fee towards future membership, essentially making the challenge FREE!


To redeem this offer you must book a FREE consultation before June 24th 

(This offer is only available to new members of Renegade Fitness, existing members we have a special offer for you, please book a call)


This is not a quick fix challenge, we will be helping you build habits that last a lifetime.


We are looking for people who are sick of starting something, getting some results, but then because the method is unsustainable not being able to maintain it… ending back at square one, frustrated and disappointed.

The reason this happens is not your fault, you’ve been coached using unsustainable methods. Essentially setting you up for failure.

To be eligible you must be willing to try something that you haven’t done before, step out of your comfort zone and open your mind to new concepts.

We want this to be the last time that you ever have to do something like this.

We only have the capacity to take on 10 additional members as this challenge is completely individualised to your needs and you will have your own personal coach to help you with your training, nutrition and mindset.


Over the course of the program you will: 

  • Smash your limiting beliefs
  • Make amazing transformations to your health and habits 
  • Get stronger and fitter
  • Lose weight 
  • Have more energy 
  • Improve mental clarity 
  • Make new friends 
  • Build confidence 

Best of all you will walk away with a plan on how to maintain and keep improving your new body, new habits, and a new mindset.

If this sounds like a bit of you click here to book a FREE quick consultation with a coach. 

What you get as part of your membership:


If you haven’t done CrossFit before:

– Learn Functional Fitness and CrossFit techniques in a safe environment with an experienced coach in our 1:1 intro to CrossFit Programme 


If you have done Crossfit before or once you have completed your intro to CrossFit programme:

– Access to as many classes as you can get to

– A personalised meal plan full of affordable and delicious meals 

– Small gradual changes to your life so easy it seems crazy

– Learn how to manage and prevent muscle soreness 

– Be surrounded by people on the same journey as you 

– Mindset and mental toughness strategies from mental performance coaches 

– Have a personal accountability coach to keep you on track when you experience struggles 

– No lock-in contracts 

– 6-week satisfaction guarantee, if we don’t deliver on what we say we will do we will refund your money

– 24-hour access to the gym – no excuse to miss a session 

– Access to over 80 classes times at 2 Auckland locations (AKL City & East Tamaki) 

– 10+ year track record of achieving amazing results for our community

Don't believe us? Here is what a few people say about the program:

Here is another 50 testimonials incase you’re still sceptical:

“Over the course of the challenge, I have achieved multiple things that have set up a foundation on which I am able to grow every day. My fitness has steadily improved, I have discovered a healthy relationship with food, I have boosted my energy levels, and have found a sense of enjoyment in living a healthier lifestyle with the right balance.”


  • Michael K 


“Over the course of the challenge lost weight, built muscle, boosted my energy, more mental clarity, more confidence, improved my fitness, kicked bad habits, built great habits & improved my mental health 

My biggest win over the challenge was Improved confidence, mental and emotional well-being and just general improvement in quality of life.

I can see my life continuing to improve when the challenge is finished because I have built new healthy habits that are sustainable.”


  • Karli T

“The team at renegade helped at every step of this challenge, kept me accountable, and disciplined, and were always keen to guide me on nutrition and training.

I want to say thanks to Zak, it was a great pleasure to have you as my coach, and mentor you have always guided me so well that helps me grounded and focus on training, so grateful to have you as my coach”

  • Gagan DS

Renegade Fitness is an amazing Environment, it’s Inclusive but also pushes you at the same time.

Everyone is included and pushed regardless of their ability, there is a great balance of play and work.


  • Caitlin Snyman


At Renegade the coaches are so involved, it’s not like other gyms where you just show up and do a  workout.


  • Bo Darby 


At Renegade Fitness I love the effort that’s put into programming, coaching, and equipment. You can tell everyone there wants you to reach your goals, be better, enjoy it, and your best interests are put as a priority.


  • Davey Kengen


At Renegade Fitness there is an obvious higher caliber of coaches compared to other gyms I have been to, the training is more in-depth and they are very accommodating.


  • Lizzy Main 


The vibe at Renegade is what makes it different from other gyms. It’s a place where you know everyone’s name, everyone says ‘hey’ it’s easy to take the stress of life away once you step in the door, I hang around because of the environment. 


  • Matt Clark 


Renegade is the best gym in the country. I love the atmosphere at Renegade, the sense of community, the level the gym works on and it has great accessibility to equipment. Because of the standard of athletes that come out of the gym, you know you’re in capable hands, even if you don’t want to be a high-level athlete, you know you are getting taught by the best.


  • Matt Wilson 


At Renegade the trainers put a lot more effort in than the other gyms I have been to, the programmes are really well structured and I like how there are lots of options with the programmes they run. Renegade is very professional but also has a laid back vibe. Which is very inviting. You know you’re in capable hands with the coaches briefing everything clearly and it’s a place where you feel like you’re able to ask questions, make mistakes and ask for help. 


  • Cody  Ikenasio


At Renegade the culture of the gym is what separates it from other gyms, Also it’s great having 24/7 access to come and train whenever you want which you can’t get at other CrossFit or Functional Fitness gyms. Very welcoming place to come in, everyone is really nice, it’s like training with friends even when you don’t know them. 


  • Caleb Marshall 


Renegade Fitness is well equipped to help you no matter what your goal is regardless of your ability, it’s an awesome environment with a lot of knowledgeable coaches and has a good positive family culture. 


  • Hamish Main 


The community at Renegade is fantastic not just from the staff. There is very clear progression in every session and can see how you personally can progress, the coaches focus on everyone every session, the workouts are hard but also achievable and you know you can leave feeling like you have made progress.


  • Charlotte Rodgers


At Renegade you are surrounded by people that push you to do better, the culture is next level and the programming is challenging in a good way. There are multiple programmes on offer to cater for all levels and goals. 


  • Gemma Ellis 


At Renegade the level of service is very consistent and you can tell there is more thought and planning put into everything that is done. It’s just a fun place to train!


  • Denise Su


When I started training, my goal was to look good. Now I train to be able to do cool stuff outside of the gym and am a lot more confident to do other things and more goal driven and train for longevity. Renegade is for all levels of fitness. There is an inclusive and wide variety of programmes and support.


  • Carli 


From training at Renegade Fitness I feel proud and more motivated than ever, everything about the gym separates it from other gyms, the programming variety, the coaching you get every time, it’s a one on one feeling in a group class.


  • Alex


My everyday quality of life has improved, I am able to use my body like I used to, I can handle the stress of work and am able to lift my baby with ease, my mental health is also a lot stronger. There is a genuine care for members at Renegade. The group classes have intentional programming to push yourself past what you think you could do in a way where you’re monitored by a coach to achieve your goals. There is also the ability to workout at any stage in your life.       


  • Becky 


Renegade has a ‘homey’ feeling it’s much more comfortable than other gyms I have been to. It’s not like other gyms I have been to that don’t really talk to you as much, they just get you in and out. Renegade has a great level of coaching, and a very  knowledgeable team. I also like the class alternatives with Build, Cardio Club, 24/7 and Open Gym


  • Ricardo Corrales 


Training has allowed me to do tasks that most girls wouldn’t do. I can lift and be active and it makes me feel confidant, At Renegade the environment and attention to detail makes it different to other gyms  (I travel a lot and sees other gyms) There is a vibe where people don’t feel like they have to be there, they want to be there, and look forward to coming to the gym.


  • Brooke Mc Carthy 


I always leave the gym feeling accomplished and chuffed when you start the day and you’ve done the workout for the day and that carries through. The Team at Renegade go above and beyond checking in with much better care than other gyms I have been to, the coaches and programming are great but it’s 110% the care that separates them from the rest. Really positive and friendly environment and made to feel really comfortable and they provide the motivation and plan and you just have to show up and by the time you start you get put in the right headspace. 


  • Beth 


Renegade helped me enjoy the fitness and training aspect after not for such a long time. The progression allowed me to get out of my own head. The team at Renegade always strives to improve the members and what we provide to members and make things better for the community, coaches make sure people know what they are doing. Renegade is a gym that will keep you motivated.


  • Edwina 


Renegade has helped me mentally, given mental clarity, taught me mental toughness, a sense of  accomplishment, and a serotonin dump after a tough workout. Training has  helped my anxiety and given me confidence to give other sports a go because of the variety in training I have done here.


  • Daren Wong


Since I have become a dad and experienced the increase in stress of work/responsibility, training has helped me be level headed and have more mental clarity. Because everyone at the gym is so caring it makes you want to come to the gym. Renegade is a good place to be and really positive. It’s something I look forward to. When I turned up I didn’t have a clue, there’s a real focus on technique and getting it right, all coaches are knowledgeable and want to help you get better.


  • Luke O’brien 


Since training at Renegade I physically feel better, and feel confident. I used to be negative about my body image and mentally, now I love the endorphins from working out and chatting with people. It’s really social, when you walk in everyone is happy to see you. Renegade is great because you can tailor the movements and the weights to whatever your levels are and you can still be part of the classes without doing much before.


  • Emma C


At Renegade the team aspect is what’s different from other gyms, everyone is awesome to be around, encouraging, there’s a sense that the team is always trying to make the gym better, Renegade coaches are always impactful and caring. It’s very consistent. The training is great if you are trying to get fit, rather than just going through the motions at another gym the programme is super tailored to your level – also don’t worry about being intimidated everyone is super nice. 


  • Jon Martin 


For me It’s always been able to fit into life. When I first started training I was trying to become on par with people around me, now I need it as a me time, and it’s something I love to do. The gym has a family feel to it, other gyms no one cares if you’re there or not, Renegade has personalized service and genuine care. The team caters to all levels of fitness and you won’t feel out of place as a beginner, or get embarrassed or scared, it’s not that type of environment, you get a tailored level of service and there is always some you can get advice from if you need it.


  • Flo Chen 



I always know I’m going to have a great day after being at the gym, staying consistent, and setting you up to be productive. A Renegade you will build muscle and fitness. The coaches and programming are consistent and you will gain a better understanding of health nutrition. It’s structured training where you will see results and coaches care about your progress.


  • Elisia Lim 


If you are a person that’s never been to a gym before, Renegade is a really good way to find your limits and push your way through them. I find that I’m finding I’m exceeding limits even a year on and coaches are very motivational. If you are experienced, the training is unlike any workout you’ve had before, you are coached well, every season there is a reason for what you are doing and a goal is achieved.


  • Matt Glass


At Renegade the coaches are focussed on the individuals and you can see the team are trying to improve as coaches and give everyone the best opportunity for everyone to succeed with their goals.


  • Marcio Freitas


The coaching is way better at Renegade than other gyms, the team are really caring, concerned about form/technique  over intensity. Great variety of different programs and  24/7 access. I drive from the other side of town 20+ mins to get to the gym because of the quality of coaching. 


  • Cicero Guimaraes


I love the atmosphere, coaches, and really friendly team. I have been to other gyms and there is no atmosphere. Here you are made to feel welcome. 


  • Alex Stewart 


I love the sense of accomplishment from training and being able to do activities with my kids thanks to my training at Renegade. 


  • Andre 


Renegade feels like home, I can move my body, it gives me energy and makes me feel strong.


  • Ann


Training at Renegade keeps me sane, it’s my time, a chance to switch off from work and kids and other responsibilities and makes me feel fit and healthy and can keep up with kids and set a good example.


  • Emma D


Training with the team at Renegade has helped my mental and physical health, improved my self belief and given me confidence. The coaches have genuine interest in the community here. The knowledge and skill, with the support, engagement differentiates them from other gyms.


  • Anne 


CrossFit gives me a sense of accomplishment. The team at Renegade treats the members like family, they are real people. This is a  gym that’s available for every and any level, you can move through the levels that you want to go to. All you have to do is start with a stick with it and you will progress.


  • Jade P


Renegade is a gym for everyone  just the elite but also all the “normals”. It’s got a great culture and is a very friendly and accepting place for everyone. You can have a laugh but can be serious and get a great workout with knowledgeable coaches.


  • Gary Boyce 


At Renegade no one is judgemental, there is no ego, everyone is down to earth. I encourage you to try something new that looks outside of your ability.


  • Andy


I Moved to Renegade from another gym and it was a good move. I  loved the environment here, great facilities too. Coaching staff are on to it and way way better than other gyms. Good structure in classe programmes and you get more bang for your buck.


  • Matt 


CrossFit changed my life when I started, I was always physical, but it was never measurable you could leave a season without knowing if you’re getting better, but now i’m addicted to the feeling to the progress, and the possibilities of how strong I can be, when your body changes and people notice it feels good. Keeps me on a better track in my life.


  • Amy       


When I started my goal was weight loss, now I train for all the other benefits, energy and strength are the best. My energy is 10x where it used to be and I love all the things I can do outside of the gym.


  • Lydia 


Renegade is about the people, everything we do is about the people or environment. It’s got the right coaches who want to say hello and get people to be involved. Also there is a great culture – always saying hello, having a talk, making people feel welcomed and comfortable


  • Brent G


The exercise has given me mental sanity, making me stronger for work and self and given me more confidence. I like the community side of things. They make an effort, it’s cool to feel welcome and a good place to be challenged. 


  • Courtney