Fitness Classes & Training Programmes at Renegade Fitness

When you first join us our team will help you create the best combination of fitness classes, personal training programmes and nutrition coaching ensuring you reach your fitness goals and taking into account your current lifestyle and commitments.

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    Are you bored with traditional gym training?

    CrossFit Class will fix this problem for you; every session is constantly varied so you never grow stale.

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    Short on time?

    Cardio Club or 30 min PT sessions are the most time-efficient way to train so you have more time to spend on what’s important to you.

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    Want to build some lean muscle and look great naked?

    Choose Build Class or PT sessions coupled with some Renegade Nutrition coaching to guide you to being confident in your body.

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    Want to lose some excess fat and feel more confident in your clothes?

    CrossFit and Cardio Club + Nutrition Coaching will have you shredding the unwanted weight helping you drop belt and dress sizes.

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    Want to hang out with your friends or train in a fun group dynamic?

    CrossFit, Cardio Club, Build are an awesome group environment to train in, the atmosphere is unbeatable.

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    Do you want more energy and vitality to take on life?

    Build + Cardio Club will leave you feeling like you’ve had an amazing workout but you’re going still have the energy to take on the world.

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    Want a completely personalised approach to your training?

    Personal Training and Nutrition coaching are for you, in these sessions the world revolves around you.

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Not sure where to start?

Book your one on one consultation and goal setting here.

This extremely fun group class is our most well rounded class ensuring that you are working a balanced amount on all of the important elements.

Build Class is a slower pace of moving than CrossFit & Functional Class. In build class, we are primarily focusing on getting you stronger and building lean muscle.

Cardio Club is a 45min session all about building your fitness using machines and low skill movements. In Cardio Club, the coach will be working out alongside you, motivating you and keeping you accountable.

PT Sessions are completely tailored to your goals, whether that be learning new skills, losing weight, rehabbing an old injury or just accountability.