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A truly inclusive community

At Renegade Fitness, we are all different shapes and sizes and originate from different cultures. While we all have personal goals, we are all on the same fitness journey together. We struggle together and we win together.

When you walk in you feel welcomed, whether it is your first day or you have been with us for 10 years you are greeted with a smile, not just from the staff but also from your fellow members.

Be prepared for a fist bump at the end of each workout, you gave it your all, it was hard, but together we survived and are better every day for doing so. We think that deserves celebrating.

We guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and included here.

The highest level of Functional Fitness & CrossFit Coaching in New Zealand.

Our track record does not lie and neither do our members. We have helped numerous people transform their lives.

We helped parents who thought they could never get back into shape, transform their bodies and minds to feel like they were young and energised again.

We have introduced several people to CrossFit, and then a few years later have them compete at the highest level in the sport – The CrossFit Games.

We helped people who have lost all motivation for exercise find their love for fitness and turn exercising into the highlight of their day.

We have done it all.

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When asked what is so special and unique about the Coaching at Renegade Fitness people say such things as:

“The overall quality of the coaching”
“The consistency of the coaching, it doesn’t matter what class you come to you know you’re going to have a great coach”
“It’s got a one on one feeling in a group environment”
“The coaches genuinely care for members”
“The coaches are so engaged and involved you can tell they genuinely want to help and that makes you want to try harder”
“They know when to push you and also when to back off if they can tell you’ve had a tough day”
“They make coming to the gym something I look forward to all day”

Our coaches are some of New Zealand’s and the world’s best coaches and athletes. We are our own proof that what we do works.

Yes, it’s challenging, but we’ll be doing it with you too.

The optimal balance of work and play

When you walk into Renegade Fitness, it feels different to other gyms. People are actually having fun and want to be there. Fitness is not a punishment at Renegade Fitness.

When you walk into Renegade Fitness, nothing else matters, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a terrible day or if your boss dumped you with a tone of work as you walked out of the office. Being in the gym becomes your happy place. We make your time at the gym the best hour of your day.

crossfit and functional fitness auckland - renegade fitness