Join The Renegade Team!

One of the best job opportunities in the CrossFit & Functional Fitness space in NZ.

Role: CrossFit & Functional Fitness Coach 

Renegade Fitness is one of the longest-standing and largest Crossfit/Functional Fitness Gyms and Online coaching services in NZ (maybe even Australasia!).

AND we have space opening up on our team for a superstar coach and a people person.

With our size comes a stream of opportunities to earn great money doing what you love: Coaching CrossFit & Functional Fitness.

I’m definitely biased, but this is one of the best opportunities in the functional fitness space in NZ.

We are looking for a key person/coach for our Corporate Functional Fitness Gyms + additional opportunities at our East Tamaki Location.


Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way:

1. As with any role in the fitness industry, there will be split shift work, AM sessions and PM sessions sometimes.

2. We are Renegades, which means we work hard at everything we do. Not just in the gym, but developing ourselves and helping grow the Renegade community; this is NOT a position for someone looking to coast.

If you are not turned off by the above, then keep reading…

This role requires at least 10 hours per week, but more hours are available. So if you are looking to make a career being a coach, this can be an excellent first step that will enable growth to support the life you want.


Minimum requirement of the role:

This role is primarily coaching at two of our corporate locations. There are additional class coaching and personal training opportunities at our East Tamaki location too.

Be willing to learn how to ‘nutrition and lifestyle’ coach.

At Renegade, we are committed to being much more than just fitness coaches. We are here to educate, motivate and inspire our community to train better, eat well and have a strong, healthy mindset.

We achieve this through not only coaching our community on the gym floor but also the 23hrs a day they are not at the gym.

The successful applicant will be willing and able to follow our programmes and teach them to our community. 

Minimum Time Availability Requirement:  +/- 13 hours per week 


Who are we looking for to join our team?

We are looking for someone confident that can command attention.

As a coach, we are looking to you to lead our community. Sometimes classes will be big, and you have to be confident enough to get the class to listen. 

We are looking for someone who can help us achieve our vision.

How can we improve the product that we deliver to people? How can we help people learn about Renegade?  Can you think strategically about the bigger picture + how the project fits in?

You need to be able to sell yourself and then sell us.

Part of the job is helping people realise that we can solve all their health and fitness problems. We are pretty confident we can. This is otherwise known as selling. Sometimes you will be selling yourself, and other times you will be selling the gym. If you don’t like selling or are not ready to learn to overcome your fear of selling, then this won’t be a good fit for you.


You need to be the type of person who gets joy out of getting things done.

Most days, you will bang out a list of stuff. Fun stuff. Important stuff. Necessary stuff. You love lists, managing projects, and checking things off diligently…and maybe you’re even one of those people who will write things onto the list so that you can check them off. That’s great, we love people like you!


You will be emailing + messaging with customers + the team. 

So, you need to enjoy talking with people and giving/getting direction, and be able to do it with love + empathy…even if you’re having a shit day. 


You can track things. 

We need to know how things are working or performing in the parts of the business you are primarily working in. You need to be excited (or at least not afraid) to dig into various analytics and throw them into a google spreadsheet.


You need to be a person who loves to deliver remarkable experiences to other people. 

You are obsessed with giving an amazing customer experience and love making people feel heard, understood, and helped. You need to be someone who feels good by making other people feel good. 


Let’s talk about some of the perks and about what makes us different from other fitness opportunities.


You will have tons of opportunities to earn more $$$ through the way our business is structured.

Over the past ten years, we have structured the gym to ensure coaches have the best opportunity to create a career for themselves. We know that coaching 20 classes per week is not enough to live on and would crush your soul and energy levels… we don’t want you to get a job at Mc Donalds so you can make ends meet. So we help to facilitate you in making a living for yourself through additional income streams such as nutrition coaching, personal training, inducting new clients, retention work and much more.


We have structured training for all of these additional opportunities, so even if you don’t have experience coaching it yet, but are willing to learn, you are in the right place. 


Live the life of a professional athlete.

Working here has proven to be an effective way to live the dream of being a professional athlete (Several of our coaches have qualified for the CrossFit games and one for the Olympics). You can structure your day to allow you to train when it suits you towards your chosen athletic pursuit.


The work doesn’t feel like work.

You get to hang out with awesome people all day and help them become epic at life by changing their habits and limiting beliefs about their health and fitness. It is truly an epic day, every day. It sure beats sitting in a cubical or working from home by yourself, staring at a screen all day.


The hours are pretty flexible.    

While some days may be busy, the hours are flexible, and we have a team that can fill in where need be.  




In short, your job is so much more than being a coach. It’s a role to help us in any way you can drive our mission forward.

What’s NOT expected: Perfection. As tools and skills are teachable. You will get shit wrong, but as long as you own it and learn from it, then that’s fine by us.  We expect intelligence, energy, organisation, resourcefulness and a get-it-done attitude. 


Some specific things that would be ideal:

Crossfit Level 1 (or planned) 

Nutrition coaching cert (Precision Nutrition or similar can be achieved as soon as you start) 


In addition to being detailed, you must follow systems and processes. In fact, just to prove that you are detail-oriented and can follow procedures: When you apply for this position, in the email’s subject line, you must include “I have found my dream job”. Yeah, that’s our little trick to sort out the people who blanket send their resume to anyone and everyone, from the folks (that’s you) who are truly interested in this position.

We are looking to bring our new team member on board pretty soon, but I will spend the time to find the best fit in both abilities and culture. One thing that will give you a BIG leg up (but is optional) is to send a quick video along with your resume. In your video, tell me why you think you’re perfect for this job and why you will be amazing in this position. This is purely for me to get a sense of your personality. And if you decide not to send a video (that’s ok), please tell me why you chose not to send a video. 


Looking forward to meeting you!


To learn more about Renegade, click here: or check out our Instagram pages!


Pay structure:



This job has a base amount of classes, 10 per week + a base amount of project-related work to complete each week.

Annual base Income $27500.00 – $31200.00 (48-week year)

This is what you can expect as your absolute minimum income.

Then on top of that, you have the opportunity to leverage our client base and brand for:


  • Nutrition Coaching 
  • Skill personal training
  • Inducting new gym members 
  • Online Coaching 
  • Workshops

To give you a bit of a forecast, a coach with a small PT and nutrition client base could expect to earn 75k per year.

A coach with a large base of PTs and nutrition clients would expect to earn 100k per year.

After your base income, it’s all relative to your performance. You will earn great money if you have what it takes and can retain clients.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime to have some financial security and pursue your dream of being a health and fitness professional.