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Before Karli started with us she said her biggest struggle was staying consistent with eating healthy foods and training every week.

It was affecting my day to day to day life because I had physically put on weight so my self-esteem and mental wellbeing were at an all-time low.

For Karli, the hardest part of starting was “fear of failure. Not knowing if I would be able to stick to my meal plan and training.”


We helped Karli overcome this by focusing on a few key areas:


We built Karli back into her training slowly, focusing on getting her to the gym only twice a week for one hour. Set some achievable targets and built momentum. 



We identified her biggest struggle was organisation, so we implemented some easy-to-follow organisation strategies that made sure she knew: 

  • What she was eating 
  • When she was eating
  • How much she was eating 

This made it so easy to stick to and she really enjoyed her meals. 



We introduced Karli to some new mindset techniques that helped her stay focused when the going got tough. 



Regular check-ins with a coach made sure that whenever she came across a struggle she had someone to help talk her through it.


Since starting with us 6 weeks ago Karli has:

  • Lost weight
  • Built muscle 
  • Boosted energy 
  • More mental clarity 
  • More confidence 
  • Improved fitness 
  • Kicked bad habits 
  • Built great habits 
  • Improved mental health 


Karli says her “biggest win over the challenge was Improved confidence, mental and emotional wellbeing and just general improvement in quality of life.


Final wise words from Karli for anyone on the fence about starting their health and fitness journey:

“For anyone who is thinking about getting in shape and nervous or struggling to take the next step my recommendation is to Find out what drives/motivates you and use that. For me, it was my 1-year-old son. Not only am I in better physical shape to keep up with him but life is more enjoyable when all aspects of your physical and mental health are balanced.”


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