Are you sabotaging yourself every time you try to achieve a goal?

Learn the little known secret of how to break the cycle.

Transform your mind, body & habits


It’s not your fault that you have failed the last few times you’ve tried to get in shape.

You didn’t have the right system or the accountability to help you break through the obstacles.

Everyone faces struggles and frustration when it comes to achieving goals.

The difference is the people who achieve their goals have a secret that helps them break through the barriers.

You failed last time you tried to get in shape, or you weren’t able to maintain it and don’t actually know the real reason why.  

You may have put it down to life being busy, or a lockdown, or some other excuse.

But the reality is you can still achieve your goals in any situation you just need to know how to break the cycle.


Why you failed in the past:

  1. You started going to the gym or started on a diet and you were initially excited 
  2. You made a commitment  
  3. A few weeks or months in you experienced some sort of struggle, maybe you didn’t see the scale change, or you got busy  
  4. Due to the lack of perceived success, your effort dropped, maybe you skipped a session or two or some junk food started to creep back into your diet 
  5. That turned from one missed session to two and then eventually you decided that “now is not the right time” and you made some excuse up for yourself.
  6. Ultimately leading to regret that you failed or that you spent money and didn’t succeed.

Every time you have started a diet or the gym you have likely gone through some version of this.

We need to break the cycle!

We have broken this cycle for 1000’s of people over the last 10 years using:

1. Mental performance training +
2. Fun exercise +
3. Easy to follow nutrition +
4. Accountability


How we break the cycle:

We interrupt the cycle when you start to struggle

Everyone struggles the difference between those who are successful and those who fail is their ability to break through the struggle and the techniques they use.

We achieve this by shifting into grittiness.

Once we teach you what “grittiness” is and how to shift into it then you get to move to the next phase of the cycle.


  • You get to experience long term results
  • This success ultimately leads to more motivation 
  • You keep repeating the cycle for bigger and bigger goals 
  • Once you know how to shift into grittiness you become unstoppable.

How can we help you:

We have used this exact technique to send over 20 athletes to the CrossFit Games and to help train and qualify an Olympic athlete for the 2021 (20) Toyko Olympics.

Now we are teaching it to everyday people like yourself who want to lose some weight, get fit, and be healthy. 

We have compiled 10+ years of experience from some of New Zealand’s top coaches and athletes into a 6-week challenge to help you;

Transform the way you think, eat and train.

Allowing you to achieve results that you have only been able to dream of

We have thought of every struggle you may come across in your journey and prepared a solution to help you break through any barrier.


Renegade 6 Week Challenge next start dates:

Monday 2nd May & Monday 9th May


What you get:

  • If you’re new to CrossFit learn Functional Fitness and CrossFit techniques in a safe environment with an experienced coach 
  • 1:1 sessions or class sessions personalised to your current fitness level depending on your starting point 
  • Small gradual changes to your life so easy it seems crazy
  • Learn how to manage and prevent muscle soreness 
  • Get a personalised meal plan full of affordable and enjoyable meals 
  • Be sounded by people on the same journey as you 
  • Mindset and mental toughness strategies from mental performance coaches 
  • Have a personal accountability coach to keep you on track when you experience struggles 
  • No lock-in contracts 
  • 6-week satisfaction guarantee, if we don’t deliver on what we say we will do we will refund your money
  • 24-hour access to the gym – no excuse to miss a session 
  • Access to over 80 classes times at 2 Auckland locations (AKL City & East Tamaki) 
  • 10+ year track record of achieving amazing results for our community 

Or you can fill out your details below and a coach will be in contact with you shortly!

1 Step 1

Don’t believe us? Here is what people say about the 6 week programme:

“Prior to starting the Renegade Challenge, my biggest struggle was trying to find a strategy that I could see myself maintaining for a lifetime. There is so much information out there that you don’t know what you should/shouldn’t do, what you should/shouldn’t eat, or exercises that you should/shouldn’t do, etc. 


It was affecting my day-to-day life because I knew physically I wasn’t in the best shape, and mentally I was underestimating what I was capable of. 


The hardest part about starting the challenge was just the uncertainty if I was even going to last in CrossFit lol. I always thought CrossFit athletes were on another level and that the bar was too high for me to reach, but I was wrong! CrossFit is for everyone. 


Over the course of the challenge, I have achieved multiple things that have set up a foundation on which I am able to grow every day. My fitness has steadily improved, I have discovered a healthy relationship with food, I have boosted my energy levels, and have found a sense of enjoyment in living a healthier lifestyle with the right balance. 


My biggest win over the challenge was honestly just being able to find something that I knew I could stick to. There had been so many times when I would have to restart things, make crazy changes, or do the old “I’ll start on Monday for real!”. With this challenge, I came up with a plan that was realistic, enjoyable, and sustainable, which I feel is just the start of greater things to come with my health and fitness. 


I can see my life continuing to improve because of the new habits I have formed. I don’t have to worry about starving myself, or pinching myself because I didn’t stick to my meal plan on a certain day, or because I went over my calories for the day lol. With new and improved habits, things will only just get better with consistency and hard work. 


My goal when the challenge finishes is to continue learning. I want to stick to my new habits and also create new ones. For me, it’s about getting better each day. It’s a process that requires patience, but one that I know I will enjoy and love when I look back on how far I have come.”

– Michael K