Lose Fat, Build Lean Muscle & ENJOY the Process 

Learn the training, mindset, and nutrition secrets that achieve extraordinary results for everyday people 

People usually join gyms to improve the way they look.

At Renegade Fitness we improve the way your body performs.

The result: You feel accomplished and confident, ready to take on life 

O and you’ll look great too!


Where to start:

Click the link and book a Free Trial with us.


Everything at Renegade Fitness is personalised to your goals, from the programmes you choose to your nutrition guidance, its all tailored to your needs, this means we can work with your schedule, past injuries, health conditions and mental health to ensure you are getting a personalised approach in a group environment.


Your membership gives you access to a wide variety of program options ensuring that you don’t grow stale and bored in your training as you would at a traditional gym, keeping each day fun and exciting.


What you get at Renegade Fitness:


If you haven’t done CrossFit before

  • Learn Functional Fitness and CrossFit techniques in a safe environment with an experienced coach in our 1:1 intro to CrossFit Programme 


If you have done Crossfit before or once you have completed your intro to CrossFit programme:

  • Access to as many classes as you can get to
  • A personalised meal plan full of affordable and delicious meals 
  • Small gradual changes to your life that are so easy it seems crazy
  • Learn how to manage and prevent muscle soreness 
  • Be surrounded by people on the same journey as you 
  • Mindset and mental toughness strategies from mental performance coaches 
  • Have a personal accountability coach to keep you on track when you experience struggles 
  • No lock-in contracts 
  • 6-week satisfaction guarantee, if we don’t deliver on what we say we will do we will refund your money
  • 24-hour access to the gym – no excuse to miss a session 
  • Access to over 80 class times at 2 Auckland locations (AKL City & East Tamaki) 
  • 10+ year track record of achieving amazing results for our community

Don’t believe us? Here is what a few people say about Renegade Fitness:


” I have achieved multiple things that have set up a foundation on which I am able to grow every day. My fitness has steadily improved, I have discovered a healthy relationship with food, I have boosted my energy levels, and have found a sense of enjoyment in living a healthier lifestyle with the right balance.”

– M.K 


“I have  lost weight, built muscle, boosted my energy, more mental clarity, more confidence, improved my fitness, kicked bad habits, built great habits & improved my mental health 

My biggest win over the challenge was Improved confidence, mental and emotional well-being and just general improvement in quality of life.

I can see my life continuing to improve when the challenge is finished because I have built new healthy habits that are sustainable.”

-Karli T


“The team at renegade helped at every step of the way, kept me accountable, disciplined, and were always keen to guide me on nutrition and training.

I want to say thanks to Zak, it was a great pleasure to have you as my coach, mentor you have always guided me so well that helps me grounded and focus on training, so grateful to have you as my coach”

– Gagan DS